Build Web3 dApps with AI.
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Playfix is the first AI capable of generating web3 dApps from a simple prompt.

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Playfix AI

Hey there, how may I help you today?


Please create a new memecoin site for me. I want to include the sections "Story", "Tokenomics", and "Roadmap". Add a hero image and token purchase form.


Playfix AI

Great. I’m working on it now.


“We are using Playfix's platform to help us build the NFT marketplace for our web3 game. It helps us get a lot done without needing a blockchain developer on staff.”

Matt Busuttil

CEO, Waving Bear Studio


Use Cases

Launch Web3 Projects Fast

Playfix has everything you need to build and launch your web3 project. Build your site, create your contract, and ship all in our ecosystem.

  • Build virtually any web3 app.

  • Host on our platform for reliability and scalability.

  • Use our AI chatbots to manage customer support.

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Why You Should Use Playfix

Playfix supercharges your web3 development. Launch faster to capitalize on new opportunities.

Effortless Innovation

With Playfix.AI, unleash your creativity and bring innovative web3 projects to life effortlessly.

Rapid Development

Playfix.AI accelerates your web3 development process, allowing you to launch projects faster and stay ahead of the curve.

Versatile Use Cases

Build memecoin sites, NFT galleries, token launches, crypto dashboards, real-world asset sites, and dapps with ease.

User-Friendly Interface

Enjoy a seamless and intuitive building experience with our AI-powered web3 builder, designed for both beginners and experts.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Harness the power of advanced AI to supercharge your web3 projects and bring your vision to life.

Comprehensive Solutions

From ideation to deployment, Playfix.AI provides all the tools you need to succeed in the web3 space.

Use Cases

A Rich Ecosystem

Playfix is multi-chain, multi-tool, and multi-capable! We are platform agnostic and support a large variety of technologies.


Our no-code solution empowers everyone

We're on a mission to make everyone a web3 builder with our no-code AI powered tools.

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Make Money by Selling Products on The Marketplace

Developers, designers, and freelancers can list their products and services in our marketplace to earn more.


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UI Components


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Use Cases

Let AI Agents Do the Boring Stuff

Use our AI chatbots and agents to offload repetitive tasks. This can help you scale faster, at a lower cost.

  • Customer inquiries

  • Take orders via chat commerce

  • Order lookup

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Use Cases

Launch Your New Idea Faster Than Ever

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