Super Intelligence Platform For Web3 Builders

Playfix is the most advanced AI platform for web3. We're giving everyone the ability to build incredible things with AI and web3.

The Most Advanced AI Web3 Platform

The Playfix AI Platform

The only complete AI platform for web3 builders. Build agents, bots, web3 sites and apps, and smart contracts. Multi-chain support, of course!


Custom GPTs for web3 projects, communities, and topics.

AI Web3 Builder

Build complex web3 apps with simple AI prompts.

AI Contract Builder

Specialized AI engine and IDE for smart contracts.

Multi-Blockchain Support

Playfix AI tools work across a wide range of networks.

Playfix AI GPTs
For Chatbots & Agents.

Playfix AI GPTs are powered by state-of-the-art AI models. Create custom chatbots and agents for projects, communities, and any web3 topic.

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Trained on custom data.
Add sites, documents, and custom instructions.
State-of-the-art models.
Using the latest AI models from OpenAI, with other providers on the roadmap.
Powerful tools.
Each agent has access to tools like web search and page indexing.
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Build Web3 Apps with Ease

Our AI Web3 Builder makes it so that everyone can build web3 site and apps.

Waving Bear Studio Logo

"We are using the Playfix's platform to help us build out the blockchain integration for our first web3 game. It helps us add tokens, NFTs, and wallet features without the need for a blockchain dev on staff."

Matt Busttil

Matt Busuttil

CEO, Waving Bear Studio

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Kickstart your project by using one of the products in our marketplace. Creators can list products and generate revenue.

Token Launch

Website and smart contract to launch your next token project. Customizable token settings.

NFT Project Site

A website template and integration with NEAR NFT contract. Show off your collection in style!

Token Dashboard

Manage your token from this dashboard. List and search wallet holders, view stats, and more.

Game Contract

A contract that can be used for simple blockchain games that want to reward users with tokens.

Buy Crypto with Fiat

An easy to add and configure widget that lets your users buy crypto with fiat.

NFT Minter

All in one package that makes it dead simple to publish a NFT project and let people mint.

Chainlink Integration

A smart contract that pulls in oracle data and displays it on a dashboard.

DeFi Site

A site template for launching your own DeFi site. Comes with contracts and a web UI for users.

The Team


Our roadmap to transform web3 with AI.


  • Ship the Project API
  • Ship the Tokens API
  • Ship the NFT API
  • Ship the Wallet API
  • Ship the Playfix Console

Q1 2024

  • Ship the new website
  • Ship the community point and referral program
  • Ship the AI Chatbot first release
  • Start dev on AI Contract Builder
  • Initiate marketing strategy
  • Start community engagement campaigns

Q2 2024

  • Ship the AI Contract Builder
  • Add Zapier support to AI Chatbot engine
  • Ship the Chatbot marketplace
  • Publish the Pug Runner game for community contest
  • Launch an interactive tutorial for AI Chatbot customization

Q3 2024

  • Ship the AI Web Builder tool
  • Add support for NFT integration to web builder
  • Add support for token integration to web builder
  • Add support for non-EVM chains to the AI Contract builder
  • Ship the AI Web Builder marketplace

Q4 2024

  • Add support for the top 10 chains to AI Web Builder
  • Ship dashboard for managing web3 apps deployed
  • Ship API for chatbots
  • Add AI smart contract scanner
  • Collaborate with tech partners on a global hackathon

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